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peterpunk @ 09:37 pm: IT'S A BOY and other news
Yes despite all the internet tests... It's a boy and we will call him Kier, we are very happy and to know one more detail about him takes the whole thing one step closer to reality!
Apart from those great news, I am tired, have a cold and feel that I don't even have time to be pregnant and I am feeling guilty about it.
My first pregnancy was so different, our whole lives revolved around my belly, back then, and now it feels that is something we remember from time to time to keep us cheerful.Everyone I am talking to with more than one kid agrees on those feelings, the problem is that for me in the other hand, is dificult to accept, since I am reading so much about pregnancy, and going to my classes, and hoping to be an antenatal teacher, that is difficult to accept that being as interested in pregnancy as I am, I'm somehow not paying enough attention to my own.
Obviously after a busy week , being kinda late and with a bad cold is probably not the best moment to put myself to trial, but hey! I needed a download : )

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
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