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peterpunk @ 12:03 pm: The first time ever I saw his face!!
So, as I said, I will start with my son's birth story:
When I was pregnant with Euan, my first one, I was pretty determined to have as much of a natural birth as possible, it was very strange for everybody that knew me, and I think they were all waiting for me to change my mind and beg for an epidural in the last minute, which I would have done, if I had felt the need.
But I think the best thing I did to prepare myself for labour was to read as much as possible about it to see as many pictures of the human body during pregnancy, I watch as many educative programs as possible, with deliveries shown as they happened in real life, went to antenatal classes, and I stayed away from old wives tales, ER, and any horrible story that some women with no experience wanted to tell me.
So after all that I trusted my body implicitly, and that is who I think you should trust, and no one else, midwives and doctors(particullary midwives) are great help as a guide though the whole proccess, and they are very needed if things don't proceed as they should but otherwise, we are the ones perfectly equipped to bring the baby into the world, we even have the best possible drugs to cope with it, we just need to learn about how to use them.
Anyhow, Euan after all was late(2 weeks overdue), and the doctors, try to convince me to leave that "nonsense" of home delivery aside and come to hospital for an induction, and they did convice me, how?, saying the magical sentence:"It could be a risk for the baby".That is all you need to say to a first time mother to make her sign anything.
Today I wouldn't do it, and today I am grateful to be with a group of midwives that will let me have a home birth for up to 43 weeks.(normal birth happens between 37 and 43 weeks)
So, we went to hospital around 8 p.m, my mum, my partner and I, my face was like the one of someone facing a death sentence, I was doing something against my will, and I was going to a hospital, a place that makes me uptight, that I identify with disease and death, a place with bright lights and dirty corridors(NHS in London has real hygienic issues), not a place where I wanted to start my son's life.
The good news were that when they examing me upon arrival they discovered that I was already 3cm dilated so they didn't induce me after all, and let me progress naturally, which I did, we spend the night walking around and me breathing and trying to watch "Drugstore cowboy" in between contractions, the contractions were painful and I felt a sort of heat taking over my body so my partner will put the hand fan around my face(it was quite good) and I knew they will pass so that helped me cope, it was a rythm to the whole thing and I just went along with it, I didn't fight it because I understood it, because I could visualize what my body was doing, thanks to the information I had.
So they checked on me again and by five o'clock am, I have dilated 7cm!! and I was on my way to the delivery room, the contractions were coming closer togheter like the thunder when the storm is imminent, we were very lucky and they put us in a very big room, that I believed it was the staff room and I had this lovely scottish midwife that understood immidiately the type of birth I wanted, since my legs were very weak, I couldn't have the baby standing up so we agreed to have the back of the bed up 90 degrees and me kneeling down against it, and with my mum holding my arms and my partner checking that the baby was coming out I delivered Euan at 5:43, with my tape playing in the background"The first time ever I saw your face" and the feeling was just the happiest moment ever!!! he was perfect, I didn't need stiches and we went home at six p.m that day, after a couple of arguments with the nurses, offcourse :)
That moment, that time has define my life, so much so that I have discover that I want to be an antenatal teacher, that I want to help women to have better deliveries to gain control over their bodies and to don't have to do anything they don't want to in such a special time.We have to learn the basics all over again.
Now I am 20 weeks pregnant and I can't wait for the delivery of my second one, which I am hoping it'll be at home, but hey, you never know!

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Date:February 8th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)

Your words!

It might be the hormones, but I cried when I ended reading your email. Now, I am full of worries and questions without enough answers. it could be that I have not yet started to look for the right set of information, but it seems that over here everythign leads you to have a standard child brith: hospital, epidural o even a cesarea because it's "easier". Even if a dream of a very natural birth, with the less side effects for me and the baby I recognize that I have no clue about what it takes.
So far, just walking 30 minutes twice a day it's all I can do for being in good shape. I have promised to myself and the baby to find more time to do more, read more and ask more.
I guess I have time to find out, I'm just 12 weeks pregnant of my first baby.. But believe me, your words have started to open a light...
mjmaiof (otro dia me registro!!)
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Date:February 8th, 2006 08:22 am (UTC)

Re: Your words!

Wow!!! I do not what to say?! Well first of all do not worry or panic, not everybody reacts in the same way, and what works for one woman doesn't necesarily work for another, and motherhood tends to come with a big package called "guilt" .
Maybe the fact that I am in London has helped. I imagine that Venezuela must be pretty much like Spain, which is the way London was in the 70's.
All I am saying is:Do question things. don't assume that what a doctor tells you is the final
sentence, and try to find out what makes you at ease, it doesn't matter if is to be in a hospital with loads of pain relieve, as long as you understand the effects and the procedures.I believe that women that scream for an epidural, do not know that it works only 50% of the times that it goes through a cateter that stays between your vertebraes, and that it has been proven to end up in a more intrumentalised delivery.
And ultimate, I am here, so I will try to help you as much as I can, and you'll be fine.
Try to draw yourself giving birth, and after look for the more obvius details, and try to question yourself about it, anyhow is still early Maria, you have plenty of time.
Big Kiss.

Ps:You can have a look at the web of the Charity I belong to, which is the responsible for most of the changes that happen since the 70's about giving birth in the u.k.
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